Institut of Law

Court Room, Institute of Law, Aarhus University

Painting on canvas: Laws of the Future, 100x390 cm 2016, 6 collage on dish cloth, 2016

The colour red-orange is dominating in the painting Laws of the Future. It is chosen to create a warm and vivid ambience in the room and to remind people of the fire of justice. The configuration is loose squares shaped like book pages and tables of law. The non-figurative expression creates a reference to abstract thinking. The brush strokes are dynamic. – Pleading in court is not only about having a sharp intellect and making clever analyzes, it is also about the performance, which should not be just cold or clinical – nor should teaching.


In the 6 pieces of the Legal Collages I am diving into the substance of law – including ethics and systematics – from the visual angel. I have investigated it in contemporary and historical pictures and in linguistic and literary tales about justice and law.

The collages express connections, which are difficult to articulate shortly. This form of collage open up to associations/ new way of thinking, and can challenge your own ethics and identity as an individual and those of a society. In the light of the huge historical upheaval taking place now – it is required. Each collage comes with a printed essay.

The demands to the students to be more efficient should not mean that historical and interdisciplinary knowledge gets lost. That is why the collage can make a difference.

My choice of texture is based on colour but is also a whimsical choice. The dishcloths can be interpreted as a call to cleanse thoughts and mindsets and actions to deliver renewal and the optimal effort.