Political Satire and a Chinamann’s Chance

Close up: "The Spam" collage/painting on canvages

Inspired from the political development in the world since 2016, I discovered the genre: Political satire.

A Chinaman`s Chance

On a journey to China in 2017 I experienced how 1,38 billion people can be controlled and surveillanced efficiently. I got familiar with the Chinese censorship, where Winnie the Pooh is banned, since he got synonymous with Xi Jinping. A crap with 3 wristwatches had become the symbol of the censorship itself, since pronunsation is like River Crab. Exatcly a hamonius soceity is the legitimation for censorship. Even the word censorship is not allowed. That’s way I was inspired to make some assemblage, wich angles the political scene in the world with some strange guys in leading positions.