National Museum/glass

Rainbow Light

Excerpt from Art Magazine: After the National Museum’s renovation … a splash of Greek temple …The end-wall consist of 60 quadratic window panes. After a closed competition… Inge Dahl created 60 glass paintings … They are forming a coloristic unity ca 7x4m. You can call the individual images spontaneous fabulating and they are painted with generous and free brush strokes. You can get closer and experience a contact with the spirit of the museum by recognizing symbols from a distance past, but at the same time – as always concerning bygone times – they disappear, like if you want to go too close. But by the way it is the unity ... which counts – the light and bright colours. The title of the work is: “View from the Rainbow Bridge”. In the Nordic mythology the rainbow was the bridge between the divine and the human world. And if you are among people in the canteen one afternoon, when the glass colours is filled with sun light, a bridge is literally created to the forces of the universe. You can get access to the artwork by asking for permission at the info desk in the museum.

Erik Mosegård Jensen, Kunstavisen