Within biology diversity is vital for the ecological balance, as it increases the productivity. The same fact is showing up in a board e.g. in relation to gender diversity. Like ways is my experience from meeting other cultures than the western – the meeting is extremely stimulating and challenging. The whole world is in a melting pot. There is no way back.

I have taken the consequence in a number of collages – however on the basis of the visually well-known legacy of the ancient Greek culture, as the European’s always pull out of the hat in times of crisis liking to hold on to the past and the – on the surface – well-known stuff. Though we all know it is long gone and scientists have proved that the Greek statues were painted very strongly. So we use lots of codes for visual communication which are rapprochements.

Historians have also proved that the idea of making Buddha images and even with curly hair occurred from the meeting with the Greek culture and the God Apollo. The melting pot was on for so very long.

I want to turn the awareness – unprejudiced – to possibilities for playing with new identities. The result of my action is a cacophony of blending gender and cultures. The colour and composition brings together the different elements to a whole.