From the Bride’s Side


Go on a journey – an investigation of the Bride’s universe, through Asia and Europe.

The wedding dress has in an European context only changed colour two times with in the last 500 years – from red to black and then to white. In spite of the invention of electricity, nuclear weapons, world wars, space travel and computer technology Queen Victoria’s white wedding dress had been in fashion since 1840 in the western world. And the fashion is even being adopted all over the world. I examine what’s going on behind the surface of the bride’s uniform.

A separate whimsical text is creating a red thread, if you would like to browse the texts after the slideshow. The title of the total work is: Sketch for ode, att: Regine Olsen* and Queen Victoria, Empress off India. *Regine Olsen was the fiancé of the philosopher Søren Kirkegård, his deselected bride.

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