Inge Dahl’s Visual World/Esben Harding Sørensen

“Let’s talk Colour”.

“She is one of the greatest contemporary colourist in Denmark.

You can expect to see her dynamic brushstrokes, playfully on the canvas, and showing a totally unspoiled and immediate approach to configuration and colour.

…That/ she combines drama and poetry. Lavish use of colours which contributes to a strong and vibrant artwork which reaches out to the spectator.

To contemplate such a colourful imagery, one gets happy and full of joy.

Like to receive a magnificent, fabulous bouquet of summer flowers, which will bring smile and joy along to everyone.” (Esben Harding Sørensen 2016)

Inge Dahl’s Visual World.

For the painter Inge Dahl, the creative process is like a ritual. Life as she experiences it shines through her works as colouristic impressions: a modern Lascaux Cave. Is the artist sketching out her hunting trophies? Trekking the footprints of life?
…What is common to all of Inge Dahl’s lifescapes are: elegance - eroticism – the joy of colour – and wit (…)Poetic in their lines, the paintings exhibit both reflection and vision, sinew and hypersensitivity.

I believe that Inge Dahl´s expressive works are indebted to the elegance and the firm contours of Dufy and Matisse - but also to Kirchner´s and De Kooning´s savagery and celebration of colour. Yet - regardless of inspiration from old masters - Inge Dahl has her own unique, artistic personality: Feminine, energetic firmaments – bristling with humour and power - simultaneously threatening and attractive. …

Esben Harding Sørensen
Lektor, cand.mag.