Metro-selskabet/Photo Lyric

Photo Lyric: Get a Life – The Good Life

36 photo and prose on outdoor banner 55,1x1,9 m. Frederiksberg metro station 2012. The project is funded by the Metro Company and Frederiksberg Kommune. (Photo from: Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Berlin, NY, DK. By Thomas Kåre Lindblad and Inge Dahl)

Pictorial Poetry on Street Level

In Frederiksberg in Copenhagen you can see an outdoor photo exhibition, bringing poetry and deep thoughts into the lives of the busy people passing by. Thought-provoking because there is so many photos to discover – and that is why the photo poem (55x1,9 m) should have the possibility to reach a wide audience – or as the artist express themselves: “… Stimulate/ Create a lyrical debate across age, gender, culture and philosophy.” Lars Pryds, Kunstavisen